Is running for office a smart move?

Am I up for it?

Can I win? 

Is it worth it if I don't?

How can I bring my best game to this decision?

great questions!


Nice work getting this far -- by just considering to run, you're bringing your creativity and leadership to your community. Now it starts to get really interesting.

It's true, we need more progressives to run for office. Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama and just about every notable public figure on the left has called for more people to get involved -- and yet it's a big decision for you to make!

With the hundreds of potential political candidates I've spoken to in the past 6 months, and in my own exploration of running for higher office, I want to offer what I've learned and a helpful framework you can use to explore this great big question.


Introducing the Progressive Coaching webinar on June 1st:

Should I Run for Office? 

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In this webinar...

You will learn a powerful framework that focuses on bringing your own wisdom to the decision to run. By learning how to listen clearly to yourself, your partner, your trusted friends and your community, you'll see what the right next step is on your journey into public leadership. We'll use examples of progressive leaders who have decided both for or against a run, and we'll discuss some of your unique circumstances. 

This webinar is for you if:

  • You are a progressive considering running for office but you haven't decided 100% yet
  • You aren't sure which office you want to run for
  • This decision has been stressing you out, or you feel a little stuck
  • The advice you are getting from friends or local political activists isn't addressing your concerns
  • You're eager to learn!

Whether or not you decide to run, you are going to continue advocating for political change. With this framework, you'll see how you can be a more effective public leader and get better at building power in your communities. 

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Hosted by morgan Goodwin

Morgan is a life and leadership coach, and Mayor of Truckee, CA. He served on the town council for 2 years before becoming mayor in 2016. He has been a climate leader for over a decade through the Power Shift movement and global campaigning group Avaaz. He believes that a just and sustainable future is emerging, and progressives are creating the culture of politics we need to solve the world's pressing issues.



Thursday, June 1st at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern) for 75 minutes.

You'll receive a link to join by computer or phone a few days before. 

The webinar will be recorded, but it would so great if you can make it live!


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