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The dust has now settled on the 2016 election, leaving many of us with the realization that there is a lot more work to do. With that realization comes many questions: How can we be effective agents of change? How do we step into leadership roles and advance our democracy? How can we positively impact our communities, states and nation? So many of us are ready to get involved in politics, but need to understand how and where to start. Now is the time to capitalize on our desires to engage in our communities and democracy. Learning how is where we start. 

If you are considering running for office for the first time (or even a little curious!), then join the free webinar, "Beginner's Guide to Running for Office" on January 26th at 5:30pm Pacific.

Learn the roadmap

During this 90 minute training sessions, we'll outline how you prepare yourself for running for office and how campaigning can build power regardless of the outcome on election day.


Expert Advice

Expert panelists will dive into the nuts and bolts of where and when to consider running, how to build relationships and connect with different groups, how to fundraise, as well as best practices for articulating a message, building a team, rallying people and more. We'll take a look at some common ways people talk themselves out of running for office, how to manage personal time and money, and how to keep going when the going gets tough.


Morgan Goodwin

Morgan is a life and leadership coach, and Mayor of Truckee, CA. He served on the town council for 2 years before becoming mayor in late 2016. He has been a climate leader for over a decade through the Power Shift movement and global campaigning group Avaaz. He believes that a just and sustainable future is emerging, and progressives are creating the culture of politics we need to solve the world's pressing issues.


Heidi Harmon

Heidi recently won her campaign for Mayor of San Luis Obispo, CA, winning her first electoral race. She is an experienced community organizer with a track record of success impacting positive change through coalition building, policy advocacy and public education. She is a fact-oriented advocate and eloquent public speaker with a consistent ability to engage, inform, persuade and connect with diverse audiences. Long-time, committed volunteer and leader, Heidi is focused on the big picture and dedicated to public service. 


Bill Emory

Bill is an energetic leader focused on building relationships and galvanizing communities for positive change. He created a training program on the nuts-and-bolts of campaign development, fundraising and public speaking, and has trained and mentored over 150 pro-union candidates on how to think strategically about building a team of advisors and supporters. Bill has managed campaigns, worked as a fundraiser and community organizer. 


Thank you! It's a big deal to even say you're interested, let alone explore running for office for the first time. The next election cycle may be a year or two away, but the time to start your contribution is now.  Take a moment to appreciate how important this step is, and what might be possible if this succeeds. Then signup click the button to watch!


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