Leadership Accelerator Strategy Session

Considering running for office? Interested in being more of a leader of change in your community? Not sure what the next step is to take on the roll that you want to be doing, whether it's being a candidate or otherwise? 

Sign up for a free 45 minute consultation with me to get my advice on whether the Foundations of Public Leadership Program is right for you, or what other path forward makes the most sense. 

I look forward to getting to know you and seeing how I can be of service,

Morgan Goodwin

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Is there an office you'd like to run for, or a type of public leadership you have in mind? Even if you don't have specifics, tell me a little about what sort of thing you'd like to do, or do better.
What have you been doing or not doing, that isn't in keeping with who you are and the vision you would love? What has it cost you to do it this way? What might it cost you if you continue? What are your most familiar self-limiting "internal conversations" that hold you back?
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I'm willing to invest in myself to be successful in public leadership:
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