There is a gap...

...between what each of us is up to, and what we know in our hearts is possible to contribute to the world. Luckily, as we see the gap more clearly, we also see the steps we can take to close it. As a coach, I support my clients to see more clearly what it is they are here to do, and what their next steps are to take and supercharge their personal growth. 

People I work with

Community Builders

We love to feel connected, to belong. You might be interested in public art, or community gardens. You might have a vision for a group house, or a network of likeminded individuals. You might want to start something new, or contribute to something already there -- if you are inspired to bring people together, then you are a community builder. You give so much to the people around you -- would it be OK if you found some support for yourself?


Local elected officials and candidates are the heart of our democracy. If this is you, or might be you, thank you! Campaigning and governing can ask a lot of us -- there is so much potential to grow, but there is also a risk that it doesn't work out, that it saps our strength. I can support you to grow, to be successful, and maybe even to have fun, no matter what the world throws in your path.


The world is changing, the economy shifting, and the demands on us are growing. Millennials, or people in their '20s and early '30s, are increasingly charting our own course.  We have remarkable gifts to offer the world, but we don't always fit into the career paths or industries of previous generations -- and that's ok! What if you could love the process of finding your own course?