My coaching practice is inspired by my own experience of benefitting from working with a coach, and seeing the potential for others to make the contribution they are here to make.

Since my time as an undergraduate at Williams College, I have supported fellow activists and leaders to believe in their own capacity to make change, to engage in the political process, and grow through the challenges they face along the way. Working for Avaaz I learned the value of creating the space for team members to dream, to work with our inspiration, and to lead a healthy and balanced life so that we have the capacity to surge in those moments when the world presents big opportunities that demand a lot from us. 

I was first drawn to the work of the Academy for Coaching Excellence in 2014 because it offered me effective tools and a supportive community eager to dream about social change. Working with ACE has allowed me to find greater clarity in my own vision for change, lead a more fulfilling and engaged life.

elected Office

In 2014 I campaigned for and won a seat on the Truckee Town Council, a town of 15,000 people in northern California. My campaign was inspired by a desire to give back to the community and a vision for how the town could improve the quality of life for residents and do more to protect the environment we all enjoy. As a millennial, I feel a deep need for my generation to step into political leadership -- the decisions we make now about energy, infrastructure and building are going to define our communities in the decades to come. 

As an elected leader, I work to increase the supply and diversity of affordable, locals housing, accelerate the town's efforts to address climate change, improve public transit, promote public art and more. I am grateful for the leadership in this community who crafted something called the 'Truckee Way', a unique cultural commitment to uphold the highest standards of public process, transparency and respect.


I am a founding board member of the Truckee Roundhouse community makerspace. A makerspace is workshop where anyone can use tools to create, invent and learn. 

Our team has organized community wide Maker Show events, raised money, acquired state-of-the-art tools and built 5 high quality shops to serve our diverse community. 

Making things with my hands is an important part of my life. Whether it be large projects for Burning Man, making a chicken coop in my backyard, or learning the wood lathe, I like to create. 


I majored in Chinese in college, traveling, studying and working there for over a year. For most of my career, I worked for the global organization Avaaz, with staff in over 20 countries and operations in 14 languages. Avaaz campaigns on a wide range of global issues, from climate change to corruption, to human rights. I believe travel and adventure are important to a life of learning and I am grateful for my experiences in many countries.


I love climbing mountains, skiing down them, biking around them, and exploring. John Muir's writing has inspired me to go on those adventures, leave the trail, head out into the storm, and experience the what the world has to offer.

Special thanks to so many talented mentors, coaches, peers and friends.

Nevertheless, I am willing, to say yes, and embrace it all.