Community building is in our DNA -- everyone can think of something that would make their town or city better.

Community building means creating a new tradition or a piece of public art, organizing a farmers market or musical event, starting a book group or a non-profit organization... the list is endless! 

You build relationships, organize resources and learn new skills because you see so clearly what you're doing and why it matters. Whether this work is a hobby or a profession, or somewhere in between, your community is thankful to have you doing what you do. My job is to support you to unlock your next level and give back a little more, with a little more ease and grace. 

Coaching for Community Builders

As a community builder, you might consider working with a coach. As you pour your energy into supporting your community, you know that everyone benefits from support. Is your support structure the best it could be? Your passion and your vision are your most valuable assets, and community builders who are successful know how to nurture and grow their passion and inspiration despite setbacks and moments of doubt. 

By working with a coach, you can up your game learn how to enjoy the unexpected little bumps in the road that the universe has in store for you. As a coach, my job is to make pictures like this one look less painful and more exciting. Does this look familiar?

As a coach for community builders, I am a resource. I can help you see where you're working harder than you have to. I am interested in supporting you in what's most important to you, and in creating the space for you to see the next step that's unique to you. Working with me, you'll avoid burnout by connecting with your natural ability to say yes. Your community will be even more grateful for you than they already are.