Progressive Coaching

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us" -- Gandalf

Our political moment is unique. We are called upon as leaders like never before. As Americans, we seek a more perfect Union. As progressives, we believe that there are things that only government can do, and we need government to do them well if this Union is to ensure its citizens life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As a coach, I support progressive leaders to build political power in their communities, demonstrate transformative leadership, and win elections. 


Let's change the culture of government

Our elected leaders reflect our expectations for them. Many people have low expectations for their government, and many are pessimistic about its ability to change. Not us. We believe that in this experiment called American democracy, the people responsible for bringing about a change in the culture of government is us. Leadership is not a function of a title, but an action that anyone can take at anytime to improve the conditions for oneself and those around them. Let's envision and then demonstrate the leadership we want, and change the culture of how government happens. 

We are building power

Our national politics are in turmoil, and we have a unique opportunity to chart a new course. Many of us heard Bernie Sanders call for thousands of new people to enter politics. So many of us have, and we are learning what a new progressive movement can look like. We are building the support systems to help more of us launch our political careers, and we are testing our political platform with real people in real communities. 



Excellent support makes the difference

If you are considering running for office, or thinking about taking on a progressive leadership challenge, you want the best support. Many people take risks -- leaders with great support systems grow stronger whether those risks pay out or not. You are not alone in your passion and vision, and you can benefit from the things your peers are learning. As a coach, I support people to make greater contributions to their communities by seeing the points at which they've stopped before, and learning how to move past them with clarity and grace.